My mom and I were talking about grand kids and how she already had some.

I was thinking about it and it’s true, ferrets are like toddlers.

I have to feed them.
Change their “diaper”
They get into things
Make a mess
“Cry” in the middle of the night.
Always have to be watched
Take naps
Joy to watch play
Can’t talk

I am awake from one of my motherly duties. Gus was making noise at 3am and I had to get out of my warm bed to remove the toy.

I now have ferret induced insomnia.

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  1. puffthemagicrainbowpony said: This is so true, and their toys end up all over the house :P
  2. crazyferretlady said: I so totally know that feel.
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    I relate to this 100%. My parents already have human grandkids from my older siblings but they count my 4 ferrets as...
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