He’s becoming hooded! Or maybe just a widow’s peak. How cute. :D

Thanks, ferretorium, for solving the mystery!

I looked up hooded ferrets on google and the ferrets look just like Charlie.

I wish there was ferret marking school to help identify them. NO 2 FERRETS ARE ALIKE (Even though everyone says Tilly and Charlie are twins).

looking at this website: Ferret colorings , I think I have identified my ferrets correctly.

Charlie is a Hooded Chocolate Sable with mitts and a T lined pink nose

Tilly is a Sable with a pink nose

Lucy is a Cinnamon Panda with a blaze and a pink nose

Gus- Gus is a Dark Hooded Sable with mitts with a black nose

What markings do your ferrets have?

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  1. ferretlass answered: 2 champagne sables, 1 black sable, 1 chocolate sable, 1 silver mitt chocolate sable, 1 pewter badger
  2. fleetwoodian answered: River started out as a a cinnamon, but now she has the white panda breast and the dark legs of a sable. She has a little brown mask too!
  3. squidmomma said: My male is albino, all plain white, pink eyes. My female is a sable (forgive me if I use any words out of context) and she has a white bib and white mitts, and there is a black streak down her belly, black eyes.
  4. farrahtheferret answered: Farrah is a sable panda with a pink nose!
  5. ferretorium answered: A half-blaze dark sable mitt (Calypso), a standard cinnamon (Zaphod), a silver panda(?) (Max), Lucy is a hooded brown sable halfmitt. Phew!
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