If I’m away from my ferrets ,for so many hours, I miss them and kinda get depressed.

I have a type of separation anxiety. Before I left, I gave them something for separation anxiety but I really needed it for me. They had each other so I doubt they missed me.

Rubber for Lucy is like Fluffer for Charlie.

She just likes carrying it around and hiding it, not really chewing on it. I will still monitor her rubber playtime like I monitor toy playtime. I barely let toys in the cage.

Ehhh I wouldn’t risk it. She could swallow a piece and that’s a blockage just waiting to happen.

Thank you for your concern.
I just thought if she had a toy of her own she would leave everything else that’s rubber alone, like our pens, remotes, and stuff like that. I just got the kong but it will be supervised play only. Yesterday, my mom and I were throwing it back and forth like monkey in the middle until Lucy realized we weren’t going to let her have it.

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