I just changed my shop name to dooksandspoons because it is easier to remember and ferrety is it is not a word.

There are 8 days left to use the coupon code for the vinyl pawprints

givemeyourpudding replied to your photo “Shouldn’t of used it as a litterbox”

Lol this happens to me allllll the time. That’s how they let ya know it’s time for somethin new

that’s good to know, what should I fill it up with next? I want to do sand.

ferret400: have you ever had a ferret that doesnt like a bath? I have three and none are crazy about water but i havent tried them in an actually bath tup yet. 

yes, that is Lucy, that’s why she doesn’t have pictures. She gets bathed in the sink.

  • Gus is a water baby because I gave him so many baths when he was little to make Charlie like him.
  • Charlie always poops in the tub
  • Tilly is indifferent.

They get bathed twice a year or whenever I see fit, so their attitude toward the tub is more shock torture than enjoyment. The last bath I gave them, they didn’t want to get out.

I think the main thing is the temperature of the water. I also know that mine do not like the running water. So I fill the tub about an inch deep with warm water.

psilocybang replied to your post “onegracelesslady replied to your post:Time for a futon! They got into…”

Toshy is my couch ruiner. Can you take the feet off so it sits flat on the floor? It’s what I want to do but it’s my housemates couch and they vetod it

The couch is on the floor, I never put them on because I knew about ferrets and couches.

They are entering through the cushions.

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