we were walking at Vanderbilt Mansion when a security patrol came to us. She said that someone told her we had chihuahuas but they are obviously wrong.

I thought we were in trouble because she came to us like ferrets weren’t allowed but she said we were doing everything right.

They were running on the leash, it was great and they are pooped.

I want to make a pamphlet of ferrets to give out as I walk my ferrets.

Since people don’t know what they are I want to educate them.

I am thinking of typing up FAQ

What are some commonly asked questions?

What are they?

How much they cost?

What do they eat?

How long do they live?


I hate the amount of pictures i see on instagram of people feeding their
ferrets fruit/veg. Who then argue that its okay when people pull them up
about it.

Do your research before owning a pet, for gods sake.

YES YES YES! sometimes not even fruit/veg, but HUMAN FOOD. Memories flood back to when my mom told me a lady fed her ferret apples and coffee.

Ferrets are animals not humans, they shouldn’t have it if you can’t find it in the wild.

Gus- Gus




Gussy has my favorite page, then Tilly, Charlie, and Lucy

Lucy is more a deer in the headlights

Gussy has funny poses

Tilly does funny faces

Charlie is cute

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