Anonymous: Unpopular opinion: Ferrets are cuter than cats 


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I’m biased though. I mean look at this face.

I’m totally biased but I agree.

mybaileyuniverse: Hi again i messaged you about how i cant have a ferret:/ My Mom and I went to the local pet store to go look at the ferrets and she was considering it but she was reminded by some stranger that they smell!!!!! Like wtf stranger like why?!? I was soooooo close 

so close, you should’ve countered that if you groom them, they don’t smell more than a dog. Clean their ears, that is the main cause for the smell. Clean the litter box daily, change their bedding weekly. The stranger knows nothing.

how can I have so many pictures/ movies that I didn’t even know I took?

I am moving again! This place looks more ferret proof, when we went house hunting, I would always look to see if it is ferret proof.

I am going to try chicken wire for outside gaps, put tile in all the corners, I think I want to put child locks before they even get the idea to open the cabinet.

I wish I knew how to transfer the cage. I added a 3rd level so now it doesn’t fit out the door and it no longer has wheels. Any ideas?

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