Rubber for Lucy is like Fluffer for Charlie.

She just likes carrying it around and hiding it, not really chewing on it. I will still monitor her rubber playtime like I monitor toy playtime. I barely let toys in the cage.

Ehhh I wouldn’t risk it. She could swallow a piece and that’s a blockage just waiting to happen.

Thank you for your concern.
I just thought if she had a toy of her own she would leave everything else that’s rubber alone, like our pens, remotes, and stuff like that. I just got the kong but it will be supervised play only. Yesterday, my mom and I were throwing it back and forth like monkey in the middle until Lucy realized we weren’t going to let her have it.

They continue to amaze me and put themselves to bed.

It’s almost 8pm and they aren’t waking up :(

Play with me!

I have to intervene and wake them up
swinkerpot: The dictionary didn't explain how the word ferret is being used though! They're using it to say the person is going to search for information. I adore this usage because my goodness that means that you are gonna dig out some information! ferrets are quite determined to find what they want and so are you when you use this term! 

yes, I love that definition because I know how determined ferrets are, they are stubborn and won’t stop until they get what they want.

I was disappointed when the kindle dictionary didn’t have the other meaning. I think it is time to download a new dictionary.

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